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i wish there was a color darker than black

it me soul


Goth problems are realising you don’t have anything “summer” appropriate to wear.

It’s hard being goth in summer?


All summer I’m walking with my sun parasol, while other people are dying in the sun shouting pathetically at me that it doesn’t rain.

Who has it hard now sun-burners? <:


It’s always kind of a sad day in a Goth’s life when you realize you’re not excited by Dracula adaptations, you live in fear of them.

You know you’re too into Halloween when…


You realize it’s coming up to July and your first thought is “oh shit, almost Halloween season!”

Like, you literally think of Halloween as a 3-month holiday season.

I need help.

Signs of an Elder Goth?


You’ve seen the “Goth Look” get co-opted by mainstream fashion so many times that you no longer get snarky and dramatic about it- instead, you patiently wait for the trend to fall out of vogue so you can score great clearance items.

"Seven dollar black lace shirt? Yes, please! Clearance bin of patterned fishnets?? SCORE!"


You might be too goth if your phone’s autocorrect won’t accept that you really are trying to say “morning” instead of “mourning”.